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Plus, cosplayers descend on Buenos Aires.

The Flag

Good morning, and happy Tuesday. A millionaire is building 99 tiny homes to cut homelessness in his community and is even providing jobs for their construction.

Plus, an estimated 2,000 people dressed up as this superhero in the capital city of Argentina to break a Guinness World Record.

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Right: Why Mike Pence failed to make inroads in Trump's party W. James Antle III, Washington Examiner

Right: Mitt Romney, We Hardly Knew Ye Market Hemingway, The Federalist

Left: The world will see this as Biden’s war Jonathan Guyer, Vox


Hostage Video, Gag Order Reinstated, Google Antitrust Trial

World: Hamas releases new hostage video, Netanyahu denounces 'cruel propaganda' (Reuters)

US: Judge temporarily blocks federal officials from removing razor wire set up by Texas to deter border crossings (CBS News)

US: Cornell University police investigating online threats targeting Jewish students (NBC News)

US: Trump gag order reinstated in Jack Smith federal election case (CNBC)

Business: Google CEO Sundar Pichai testifies in Google antitrust trial (CNN)


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College Protests

On Monday, students at Columbia University called on the school’s administration for action after several antisemitic incidents took place on campus following the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war.

Reporting from the Right: College groups across U.S. stage 'walkout' protesting U.S. military funding to Israel (FOX News)

Reporting from the Left: Debate over the Israel-Gaza war has raised tensions — and the stakes — on college campuses (CNN)

From The Flag: As the conflict grows in the Middle East, anti-Israel and pro-Palestine protests on college campuses across the nation are drawing heightened criticism of higher education from across the spectrum. Here’s what both sides are saying.


This Is Antisemitism

  • The social justice movement in America has proven itself to be a hypocritical lie that is not as noble as it purports to be.

  • “The anti-Israel sentiment on campus is the poisoned fruit of teaching a generation of college students to despise their own civilization.”

  • “Faced with a great test of moral seriousness, our educational establishment has skipped class.”

Everything the social justice crowd told us was a lie Becket Adams, Washington Examiner: “The warriors for the oppressed are not so noble and selfless as they claim. Neither are they singularly motivated by the ideals of ‘inclusivity,’ ‘equity,’ and ‘diversity.’ They’re as greedy, vicious, prejudiced, and hateful as the oppressors they accuse. The ‘social justice’ crowd has only ever cared about acquiring power and influence, creeping toward this goal via emotional blackmail, intimidation campaigns, and even occasional violence. Theirs is not a cause for justice, but for self-enrichment; a relatively bloodless conquest for power and treasure. They simply disguise their self-interest in the language of ‘justice’ and altruism, all the while plotting new ways to seize for themselves the ‘privilege’ and ‘power’ they envy in others. Nothing has done so fine a job of laying bare this reality as Hamas’s Oct. 7 slaughter of 1,400 Israelis, mostly civilians, including children. Since that day of mass murder, social justice activists have flooded city streets and college campuses across the West, cheering war crimes and calling for the destruction of Israel.”

Anti-Israel Demonstrators Hate the West Rich Lowry, National Review: “The cataract of anti-Israel sentiment on college campuses has been shocking, but it shouldn’t be surprising. It is the poisoned fruit of teaching a generation of college students to despise their own civilization. It is in this context that the current outburst of anti-Zionism has to be understood. Yes, it has been fed by anti-Israel agitation on campus over the decades, and yes, students are susceptible to witless radicalism in the best of circumstances. Yet the loathing of Israel is particularly intense because it is viewed as an outpost of Western civilization and all its alleged ills. The hatred of Israel is tainted by, and in some cases driven by, antisemitism. Another way to look at it, though, is that it’s not so much about hatred of ‘the other,’ as progressives put it, as hatred of ourselves and all our works.”

One more opinion piece from the Right: The Shame of Academe Matthew Continetti, National Review


Mixed: Critical of Protests, but It’s Complicated

  • Student protests are nothing new, and they very rarely hold much power against the status quo. Instead, they are often criticized to the benefit of those who criticize them.

  • “The war has raised the temperature on some campuses, giving rise to social environments that mirror the country’s similarly polarized politics.”

  • “Several prominent university presidents in the Washington region denounced Hamas terrorism. Some statements have evolved.”

Why student protests against Israel are so painful, polarizing, and complicated Nicole Hemmer, CNN: “President Ronald Reagan railed against student protestors as governor of California in the late 1960s, building himself a platform to eventually become president. … A similar dynamic appears alive and well today. Students at a number of schools across the US have rallied for Palestinians, at times blaming Israel for Hamas’ attack as part of a broader denunciation of the treatment of Palestinians in Gaza. Critics in particular have called out National Students for Justice in Palestine for its “day of resistance” that explicitly celebrated the attacks and sought to lay blame for the violence entirely on Israel. That position is offensive for most, especially for fellow students who may rightly feel alienated or horrified by their colleagues’ efforts, but nothing coming from US universities has, at this point, moved the needle on national support for Israel, which appears to be strengthening. But it has earned many students swift retribution, in the form of lost jobs, broad condemnation and the threat of industry blacklists. It has also been used to discredit the left more broadly. For some, that’s precisely the point.”

Israel-Hamas war continues to roil American colleges, sparking walkouts Daniel Arkin, NBC News: “The tensions have flared at some elite institutions, including Ivy League universities on the East Coast. Columbia University on Tuesday postponed a major fundraising drive amid intense debates on campus, where hundreds of people massed for competing pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian demonstrations after the Hamas attack. In an interview, the student leader of a pro-Palestinian group at Columbia said their personal information had been published online and they had been harassed over their activism, adding that the “atmosphere on campus” has not been conducive to open and robust geopolitical debate. … However, some campuses have managed to come together in grief. Brown University students and community members, for instance, assembled last week to light candles and recite both Jewish and Muslim prayers as a form of tribute to the people who have been killed in Israel and Gaza, according to student newspaper coverage.”

One more opinion piece from the Left: University leaders search for the right words amid Israel-Gaza war Nick Anderson, The Washington Post


Majority of Students Blame Hamas

A poll from Generation Lab found that a majority of American college students blame Hamas for the Oct. 7 attack on Israel. 67% describe the attack as an act of terrorism by Hamas, versus 12% who see it as a justified act of resistance by Hamas. Another 21% describe it as something other than an act of terrorism or resistance.

More than half, 52%, of the college students who say they’re aware of the Oct. 7 attack blame it on Hamas. Another 11% blame it on Israel, 12% blame it on other Middle Eastern governments and another 25% blame it on someone else (NBC News).


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95 Theses, Legs Up, Monkeys and Money

The 1517 Nuremberg printing of Ninety-five Theses, now housed at the Berlin State Library

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