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🇺🇸 Impeachment Politics

Plus, work smart, not hard.

The Flag

Good morning, and happy Wednesday. Work smart, not hard. That’s the key to success according to this American-made entrepreneur.

Plus, the Muslim call to prayer can now be broadcast publicly in this city without a permit…

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Shooter Charged, GOP Dropout, Late-Night Teams Up

US: UNC graduate student charged with murder in fatal shooting of associate professor (CNN)

US: Rep. Steve Scalise announces cancer diagnosis, says multiple myeloma 'very treatable' (FOX News)

US: Francis Suarez ends his presidential bid, the first GOP candidate to drop out of the race (NBC News)

Entertainment: Late-Night Hosts Hook Up for Spotify Podcast With Proceeds to Benefit Unemployed Staffers During Writers Strike (Variety)

World: Uganda starts charging people under extreme anti-LGBTQ law, raising execution fears (NPR)

World: Vatican defends pope's praise of 'great' Russian Empire after fury in Ukraine (NBC News)


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Impeachment Politics

On Sunday, former President Donald Trump said on Truth Social that House Republicans should move forward with an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

Reporting from the Right: Trump to GOP: 'Impeach the Bum or Fade Into Oblivion' (Newsmax)

Reporting from the Left: House Republicans move closer to impeachment inquiry of Biden (CBS News)

From The Flag: Trump is accusing Biden of withholding aid to Ukraine, accepting bribes, and paying people off to protect his son Hunter, based on the House's continued investigations of Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) hasn't outlined a timeline for the process, but has called an impeachment inquiry a "natural step forward." Here’s what both sides are saying.


Biden Should Be Impeached

  • Speaker McCarthy is gearing up to launch an impeachment investigation if the Biden administration doesn’t cooperate.

  • The leftwing media and Biden’s allies will claim there’s no substance, but there’s more than enough to get the ball rolling on impeaching Biden.

  • Impeachment exists to account for abuses of an office, and Biden has abused his office for self-serving purposes that contradict his oath of office and duty to the country.

McCarthy Warns of September Impeachment Inquiry if Biden Refuses to Turn Over Docs Caroline Downey, National Review: “House Speaker Kevin McCarthy…threatened an impeachment inquiry as early as [September] if the Biden administration doesn’t submit documents that he says were requested by the GOP. … The Republican leader’s comments suggest an impeachment investigation could be imminent depending on the Biden administration’s cooperation. McCarthy noted that the records the House is seeking deal with the flow of money, likely pertaining to the Biden family’s alleged overseas business corruption. … Republicans on the House Oversight Committee have, in recent months, uncovered extensive evidence of what they say is foreign influence-peddling by Hunter Biden. Last Wednesday, Republican representative James Comer, chairman of the committee, announced that the body had uncovered banking records indicating that shell companies linked to Hunter Biden and his business associates received a total of $20 million in payments from oligarchs in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine while his father was vice president.”

Speaker McCarthy Sets a Trap for Biden on Impeachment Matt Vespa, Townhall: “There’s more than enough to get the ball rolling on impeachment for Joe Biden. The media and Biden’s allies will predictably call each new development duds, but this story isn’t going away. Credible witnesses and whistleblowers have come forward. Hunter Biden’s former associates have shed more light on this shady and sleazy government access operations the father-son duo was peddling. Over 170 suspicious activity reports (SAR) were filed from six banks regarding the family’s financial transactions. Some of these payments were bribes, as indicated in the FBI’s FD-1023 report from their confidential informant concerning Hunter and Joe’s relationship with Burisma Holdings. Other proceeds were funneled into family-run shell companies. When Hunter’s laptop was exposed, Joe Biden’s Justice Department worked overtime stymying any investigation into the president’s son. That knowledge worked its way up to the attorney general’s office, which appears to have lied regarding the independence of these federal investigations into Hunter Biden.

One more opinion piece from the Right: On the Impeachment of Joseph R. Biden Stephen B. Young, American Thinker


Not All Republicans Are Sold

  • Kevin McCarthy wants to move forward with the Biden impeachment inquiry—and many in his party aren’t happy about it.

  • Vulnerable Republicans have mixed feelings about whether to launch a formal inquiry, but they broadly agree the GOP doesn't have enough evidence to impeach him.

  • McCarthy and other House Republicans have been pushing for impeachment, but they still don’t know exactly what they’d be impeaching Biden for.

House Republican Calls Out Biden Impeachment: “There’s No Evidence” Tori Otten, The New Republic: “Republicans have insisted for months that Biden is guilty of corruption and influence peddling overseas, despite producing no actual evidence. McCarthy has suggested opening an impeachment inquiry into Biden next month, once Congress returns from recess, so that Republicans can access more information and witnesses, which will supposedly lead them to the truth. … Republicans have (inadvertently) admitted before that they have zero proof of wrongdoing by Biden. But even lawmakers who support impeachment proceedings don’t back opening an inquiry now. … McCarthy has warned a shutdown would prevent Republicans from continuing to investigate Biden, including by opening an impeachment inquiry, in an attempt to bridge the gap between sides. But it doesn’t seem to be working. Ken Buck, [a] member of the Freedom Caucus, slammed all the impeachment inquiry talk in July. ‘This is impeachment theater,’ the Colorado Republican told CNN’s Dana Bash."

Vulnerable Republicans aren't sold on impeaching NBC News, Biden Sahil Kapoor and Scott Wang: “House Speaker Kevin McCarthy faces unease within his ranks about impeaching President Joe Biden, with some politically vulnerable and centrist Republicans indicating they don’t believe there is enough evidence to take such a drastic step. Those Republicans are also conflicted about whether to launch a formal inquiry, typically the first step before impeachment proceedings, and their anxieties highlight the practical and political dilemmas that McCarthy, R-Calif., and GOP leaders will have to navigate. … Right-wing hard-liners say they’re ready to impeach Biden and have been pressuring McCarthy to do so for months. … If he proceeds, McCarthy would need nearly all Republicans to back impeachment under his thin majority. … The make-or-break votes will come from 18 politically vulnerable Republicans who represent districts Biden won in 2020 and other self-styled GOP pragmatists. And that may be difficult.”

One more opinion piece from the Left: Biden may soon face impeachment for [reason TBD] Philip Bump, The Washington Post


Americans are still not sold on a Biden impeachment inquiry

In a Reuters/Ipsos poll from last week, a majority of Americans, 51 percent, agreed that Hunter Biden’s legal troubles were “independent of and unrelated to” Biden’s service as president. Independents said that by a 2-1 margin, and even 32 percent of Republicans agreed.

A Fox News poll, found that while half of Americans saw something illegal in Hunter Biden’s actions, 38 percent said the same of the president’s supposed connection to “his son’s business dealings.”

Earlier in August, Ipsos also found that Americans were split on a potential Biden impeachment inquiry, with 39 percent in favor and 38 percent against (The Washington Post).

Do you believe President Biden was involved in any way with Hunter Biden's business dealings?

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East-West Hotline, Hard-Shell Tacos, Mailing Children

President John F. Kennedy receives a briefing by Major Rocco Petrone at the Cape Canaveral Missile Test Annex

On This Day in 1948: John F. Kennedy becomes the first US president to have a direct phone line to the Kremlin in Moscow. The “hotline” was designed to facilitate communication between the president and Soviet premier.

Today I learned between 1913-1915, there were at least 7 instances of people using the Postal Service to mail their young children to relatives. The longest such postage was a 6 year old being mailed over 720 miles from Florida to Virginia.

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