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Plus, scandalous Halloween decorations.

The Flag

Good morning, and happy Tuesday. Some heroes drive buses, and this one flew into action to save a child choking on a penny.

Plus, A Utah man's pole-dancing skeleton display that ran afoul of local authorities for using a street sign has been moved to private property, where it is steadily growing.

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Right: George Floyd Wasn't Murdered, and Prosecutors Knew It Jack Cashill, American Spectator

Right: The Sickness of Our Universities — and the Cure Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness


Menendez Pleads Not Guilty, President Cheney (Maybe), US Warns China

US: US Senator Menendez pleads not guilty to foreign agent charge (Reuters)

US: Pentagon says it will hold Iran responsible for attacks on U.S. troops (POLITICO)

US: Liz Cheney doesn't rule out presidential run, calling Trump the 'single most dangerous threat' to the nation (NBC News)

World: Argentina: leftists celebrate after far-right Milei fails to win election victory (The Guardian)

World: US renews warning it will defend Philippines after incidents with Chinese vessels in South China Sea (AP)


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New Nomination Negotiations

On Friday, after three failed attempts to win the position of House Speaker, Republicans decided to remove Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) from contention for the role. With the speaker’s gavel unclaimed, House Republicans have returned to the drawing board to nominate new candidates for the role.

Reporting from the Left: These 9 candidates have joined the House speaker race after Jim Jordan dropped out (NBC News)

Reporting from the Right: Multiple House speaker candidates emerge after failed Jordan bid as GOP plans to reconvene Monday (Fox News)

From The Flag: As of Monday, nine potential Republican nominees have been named. The speakership has been vacant for nearly three weeks, and many are pointing to concerns regarding the inability to pass funding for Israel and Ukraine. A looming government shutdown on November 17 is also a top concern as the nation waits for Republicans and Congress to fill the seat. Here’s what both sides are saying.


House Republican Are in Complete Chaos

  • “That the party could get to this place is a damning indictment, a tale of lack of cohesiveness and misplaced priorities.”

  • “This situation has created a power vacuum that may benefit Democrats as the vacancy spills into its [third week].”

  • “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but in their effort to elect a House speaker, Republicans have taken a more tortured route.”

House Republicans Need to End the Chaos The Editors, National Review: “The Republican Party, instead, has spent its time advertising its own dysfunction. The answer remains to elect a speaker, which will require nearly all Republicans resolving to support whoever has the majority support of the conference. The dynamic so far is that various factions aren’t willing to do that if other factions won’t as well. Perhaps in the next round of candidates, there will be someone who has so few natural enemies and is so removed from ill feelings among the supporters of the three previous candidates that he can get beyond this prisoner’s dilemma. … If that proves impossible, Republicans may have to govern with Patrick McHenry remaining as speaker pro tempore. There is a plausible argument that the law under which McCarthy designated McHenry gives him wider latitude to run the House than he’s currently exercising. Regardless, the House makes its own rules, and a majority can probably consider and pass legislation if it has the will to do so.”

House speaker 'chaos' could benefit Dems as race stretches into new week Emma Colton, FOX News: “There are now nine candidates officially in the running to replace former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., but as the GOP caucus mulls its decision, there remain questions about how long the debate will rage – and if that means the party could lose voters in 2024. … The race continues to be cloaked in uncertainty as candidates jockey as the strongest politician to pass muster and garner enough support to secure the speakership. … As the speakership race continues, Democrats have been fundraising off the turmoil, arguing that the upcoming election cycle will yield favorable results for Democrats. ‘Republicans are in ruin,’ Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal said in an email seeking donations for her next run, Bloomberg reported. … Democrat strategist Brad Woodhouse weighed in last week that the "dysfunction" playing out among House Republicans "will benefit" the Democratic Party.”


Our Politics Is Broken, But There May Be a Silver Lining

  • This situation highlights the broken nature of our system, but it’s also an opportunity to explore a better path. Mainly bipartisanship.

  • Republicans are unable to unify behind one candidate, and even when someone wins the gavel, they’re likely to have a difficult time leading this divided conference.

  • “We have three parties in Congress, not two: the Freedom Caucus Party, the Old Republican Party, and the Democrats. The last one has the most members, so it should have the House speakership.”

The GOP’s speaker chaos is a blessing in disguise E.J. Dionne Jr., The Washington Post: “...the embarrassing exercise could prove to be a blessing because it’s exposing a crisis in our politics that must be confronted. The endless battle for the speakership is already encouraging new thinking and might yet lead to institutional arrangements to allow bipartisan majorities to work their will. … Narrow majorities in the House have enabled right-wing radicals to disable the governing system. Normal progressives and normal conservatives, in alliance with politicians closer to the center, are discovering a shared interest in keeping the nihilist right far from the levers of power. … Democrats are going out of their way to say they are ready to deal. … Bipartisanship is no magic elixir, but bipartisanship in pursuit of majority rule is a worthy cause. Pushing Republicans to confront extremism in their ranks is both good politics and essential for governing. The Democrats’ offer to help Republicans through their intraparty struggle will either hasten the day of reckoning or expose the GOP’s refusal to stand up to its nihilists.”

House GOP circus embarrasses senior party leaders as the country and the world wait for Republicans to pick a speaker Stephen Collinson, CNN: “Congress has seen impeachments, fiscal cliffs, government shutdowns, and even an insurrection, but the modern Republican Party is surpassing itself with a debacle that is embarrassing senior party leaders and threatens to damage the House GOP’s hopes of saving and expanding upon its tiny majority in 2024. Far from tackling critical bills needed to fund the government, the leaderless House can’t do the basics, like pass a resolution condemning the Hamas attacks in Israel. …there’s no sign yet that any of them can win the 217 votes needed in the full chamber to claim the top job. And more importantly, for whoever eventually wins the gavel, the task of making the House a functional legislative body looks impossible after weeks of GOP infighting that cultivated fresh grievances and demands for vengeance. … The House Republican conference is showing that it cannot even compromise with itself, let alone construct a unified position before eventually accepting the trade-offs that will be needed in dealing with a Democratic-run Senate and White House.”

One more opinion piece from the Left: A functioning democratic system would make Hakeem Jeffries speaker, Danielle Allen, The Washington Post


Americans Want This Done ASAP

In a new survey, a solid majority (67%) of Americans say they believe the House should elect a Speaker as soon as possible. Alternatively, a quarter of respondents indicated they don’t care whether a Speaker is elected, as the situation is curbing congressional spending of taxpayer money.

The poll from USA Today/Suffolk University also showed the push to elect a Speaker remains across party lines, with 86% of Democrats, 57% of Republicans, and 59% of Independents supporting that a Speaker be elected as soon as possible (The Hill).

Given the narrow majority House Republicans hold, do you believe working together with House Democrats would be a good option at this point?

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A Massive Diamond, Suitcase Off the Bed, Spiked Milk

The 69.42-carat white diamond is shown here as it would look in a ring or pendant.

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