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Plus, the land of the kiwi could get a new official name.

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Good morning and happy Thursday! Scientists in Australia say supercharged cocoa could help fight this medical disorder…

Plus, 70,000 people have signed a petition to change the name of this country...


🐴 Generic Congressional Vote: Republicans 38, Democrats 44 (Economist/YouGov)

🐴 Generic Congressional Vote: Republicans 41, Democrats 45 (Politico/Morning Con.)

📉 Direction of Country: Right Track 22, Wrong Track 78 (Politico/Morning Con.)


Left: 12-Year-Old Fights West Virginia's Anti-Abortion Bill During Public Hearing (Huffington Post)

Left: The first big test for reproductive rights post-Roe is next week in Kansas (Vox)

Left: Where the Right-Wing Attacks Against Education Finally Went Too Far—for Republicans (Slate)

Right: Biden White House talking points redefining recession quickly embraced by media outlets (Fox News)

Right: Republicans Need to Investigate the Pandemic Response (National Review)

Right: Ted Cruz confronts State Dept. chief diversity officer over 'brazen discrimination' (The Blaze)


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Another Rate Hike, Biden Victory Lap, CHIPS Act

US: Nasdaq has biggest one-day jump since 2020 after Fed rate hike, Powell comments (Reuters)

US: Biden compares his ‘quick recovery’ to Trump’s ‘severe’ illness in speech to nation after negative Covid test (The Independent)

US: America, Intel, and the CHIPS Act (Vox)

US: Alleged would-be Kavanaugh assassin planned to attack several justices: FBI (Fox News)

World: Who is Viktor Bout, Russian arms dealer known as the 'Merchant of Death', touted for US prisoner swap? (CNN)

World: Pentagon is prepared to protect Pelosi with fighter jets and ships if she visits Taiwan after China warned her not to, report says (Insider)

US: Mark Zuckerberg 'visibly frustrated' over worker's vacation question: report (NY Post)

US: Trump threatens CNN with lawsuit over ‘defamatory’ reporting (The Hill)

US: Former Andrew Cuomo staffer struck and killed by car after being kicked out of Lyft (NBC)

US: The next eco-friendly trend: Edible cups, spoons and straws (Axios)


Trump Teases

Earlier this week former President Donald Trump delivered a speech in Washington, DC marking his first return to the capital since leaving office in early 2021. A week from tomorrow he’ll be holding a rally in Wisconsin.

From The Flag: During his DC speech Trump hinted at potentially running for president again. Just last week we examined both he and President Biden as candidates based on the question of age, while an earlier edition looked at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his potential candidacy. Here’s the latest from both sides concerning Trump’s teased run.


Trump's Has Wrecked the GOP and He's Not Done Yet

  • Prominent Republicans and members of right-leaning media are dumping Trump, but his stain on the GOP remains.

  • Trump’s speech in DC was intended to scare the public and convince voters he’s the answer to concern over crime and cultural issues.

  • As he gears up for another run at the White House, Trump is courting favor among Fox News hosts.

“More Republicans are dumping Trump. But the GOP still imperils democracy.” Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post Opinion: “What is clear is that the Jan. 6 committee has made it safe, or perhaps even necessary, for prominent right-wing media outlets to dump him. … Certainly, dumping a compulsive liar, authoritarian narcissist and possible defendant in multiple criminal cases could be a plus for Republicans. But it’s not a panacea. The two most dangerous features of Trumpism are very much alive and dominate the GOP. First, the party has inarguably turned antidemocratic. It wants fewer voters. It wants partisan control of election administration. … Second, the Republican Party has gone all-in when it comes to White Christian nationalism, insisting the state use its power to impose reactionary religious views. … So while it’s true that some Republicans are moving on from Trump, his two legacies — authoritarianism and ethno-nationalism — still dominate the GOP. The threat to pluralistic democracy remains.”

“A Weird, Hardline, Apocalyptic Speech From Trump” Holly Baxter, The Independent: “There were Churchill quotes and Abraham Lincoln quotes, and a commercial that called Trump ‘the greatest president of our modern era’ while soaring orchestral music played in the background. … Then there were the fist-pumps from the crowd and the chants of: ‘USA! USA!’ And it began: the pitch for 2024. He opened with a long list of apocalyptic-sounding crimes. New York, Los Angeles and Chicago ‘are now war zones — literal war zones,’ he said, without irony. … Fearmongering was the name of the game, and it came thick and fast. … Right on cue, a group of people at the back of the room began a chant of: ‘Four more years!’ … Donald Trump is a man who never leaves the audience wanting more. But by God, after tonight, it’s clear: we’re all gonna get more anyway.”

One more opinion piece from the Left: Trump Is Already Running in the 2024 ‘Fox News Primary’ — and He’s Scared He’s Losing Asawin Suebsaeng & Nikki McCann Ramirez, Rolling Stone


As Biden Teeters, Trump Looms, and Important Decisions Lie Ahead

  • Trump’s DC speech offered hope to voters dealing with rising crime, rampant inflation, and a struggling economy.

  • Biden is looking like a lost candidate with little to crow about and poor poll numbers, but if Trump runs it could inspire Democrats to vote in droves.

  • Trump should officially enter the race before the midterm elections to highlight his energy and vigor, compared to Biden.

“Donald Trump returns to Washington” Amber Athey, The Spectator: “There are plenty of differences between Trump and Biden, but none seems more obvious than each man’s respective vigor. That is, Trump has plenty, and Biden has none. Biden’s public speeches often deteriorate into nonsense, while Trump seemed to gather energy from the crowd at the Marriott Marquis, ramping up his energy throughout the hour and a half speech. … (he) tossed out plenty of bait for those who want to know whether or not he will run for a second term. ‘We had made America great again…but now our country has been brought to its knees,’ Trump said of the Biden administration, before teasing, ‘We may just have to do it again.’ … Is that a promise to the many Americans struggling with inflation, high gas prices, crime, a porous southern border, and a looming recession? Stay tuned, as Trump likes to say.”

“The Only Thing That Can Re-Elect Joe Biden Is Donald Trump” Jason L. Riley, Wall Street Journal Opinion: “It has become conventional political wisdom that the White House misread Joe Biden’s mandate. Democrats confused opposition to Donald Trump with support for a progressive economic and social agenda. Republicans ought to be wary of making a similar mistake with regard to current public attitudes about Mr. Biden’s job performance. Eighteen months into his presidency, Mr. Biden can point to few accomplishments for his party to run on in the November midterm elections. … Part of Mr. Biden’s problem is that Democrats were never particularly excited about nominating him for president. They were excited about getting rid of Donald Trump, so they did their partisan duty and nominated the person most likely to get the job done. … Democrats may be down on their president, but they will almost certainly hold their nose and rally behind him if Mr. Trump is the Republican nominee—as they did in 2020, when pragmatism mattered more than purity. Far from denying Mr. Biden a second term, a Trump candidacy could guarantee it.”

One more opinion piece from the Right: Why Trump Should Announce His 2024 Run Before Midterms Ned Ryun, American Greatness


Nearly Half Support Trump as GOP Nominee

A recent poll asked Republicans who they would support in the 2024 primary elections, with 49% saying they would back former President Trump.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came in second at 25%, the only other candidate to receive double-digit support (New York Times/Siena College).

Flag Poll: Will Donald Trump be the Republican nominee for president in 2024?

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Empire Crashed, Astronomy Reshaped, Birth of Sprite

On July 28, 1945, a United States military plane crashed into the Empire State Building, killing 14 people. The freak accident was caused by heavy fog. Above is a photograph of the Empire State Building burning (left) and the plane embedded in the side of the building (right).

Quanta Magazine: Two Weeks In, the Webb Space Telescope Is Reshaping Astronomy

Harvard Business Review: 7 Rules for Persuasive Dissent

Vox: The future of remote work, according to 6 experts

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